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How can you build a small laser pen, into a powerful laser? Answered

How would you turn a small laser pen into a very powerful laser? I need help on finding out because I want to create one of my own.
Any help would be necessary please..


 Read the instructable, "laser wood burning pen."  You cannot turn a small laser into a powerful one, you have to start with a more powerful one.  

A powerful laser can be gotten from an old CD burners.

Don't forget, lasers are dangerous and can blind you.

What? I can't hear you, speak up! I went deaf from listening to lasers on my computer screen.

It is in fact laser. It stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Of course that's only if you want to be technical.

You must be blind from lasers and using a text to speech processor. if you can't hear him.

You can increase the energy density by focusing the beam using a lens, but the resultant pinpoint will be limited by the quality of the impinging beam, the quality of the lens, and the accuracy with which you align the optics.

Further, the target material's thermal conductivity, heat capacity, and reflectivity will have to be considered.

Oh, and the target material's ability to absorb the wavelength of the laser as well..

You can't without replacing the laser, and if you do that the rest of the pen isn't a great deal of use.