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How can you convert energy from a person??? Answered






Plans here:



"During a railway expansion in Egypt in the 19thcentury, construction companies unearthed so many mummies that they used them as locomotive fuel."
Discover Magazine, 2006

1) as a sink, feed them

2) as a source, work them

There are a myraid of ways one can "recover" energy from a perosn, some moral, some immoral, some downright disgusting.

Bad question.

Convert to what?

We already produce heat and an electrical current.

There are too many ways our bodies produce energy not to say what you want to convert it to.

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7 months ago

Which person AdaZa ?

with a Mansformer.

If you dry them long enough they might be useful to fire a steam generator.
Or cover them with peltier elements and lots of heat pipes to generate electricity until they are fully dry.
Of course you can always do it the roman way and use big hamster wheels and make them run it to drive a generator.
Just keep in mind: Slaves can't just be fired, they have to be sold ;)
If you use my halloween suggestions for your homework your teacher will give you the right reward for it!

This sounds like homework but:

Lets see what you have available:

Physical effort - The energy your muscles produce.

Your weight (mass)

Your body heat - infrared radiation

Sound waves

An average human can output about 373 watts or 1/2 Hp for any length of time, they can peak higher but not for long. An athlete can perhaps double that.

Conversion will always result in energy loss along the way.

HOWEVER a human who uses their brains can source MUCh more energy than they can produce.

Assuming you mean convert energy to electricity in which case, iIn the same ways you convert energy from anything else, typically motion or heat.

You can wire a stationary bike to generate electricity. Self winding watches and emergency radios use human motion to power themselves.

Heat is significantly less efficient since human temps don't differ much from our environment.

If you've ever talked into a microphone then you've converted sound waves into electricity.