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How can you cool the roof tiles during summer?. Answered

It is made of clay and concrete beneath the roof tile. Is pouring water the only way?.I need your suggestions



You should use heatproofing chemical or cool white paint on it, because dark color absorbs much of heat in it and effects roof where as white color paint doesn't absorbs heat but it reflects heat backward. In our Area sometimes temperature rises to 48°C Avg 40° but it is high, thats why most of people are doing heatproofing. so that it reduces temperature to normal under roof. Check this "heatproofing" for info

There is a silvery colored type of roof coating that the manufacture claims that reflects heat.


I painted my roof white once using hydrated lime (as a temporary experiment for 2 summers). It only costed about 20 dollars to "white-wash" the entire roof. This was very effective and reduced my attic temperatures from about 145 deg F down to about 100 F. another method --not as effective but not visible from outside the home- is to place styrofoam sheets up against the UNDERSIDE of your attic rafters as seen in the picture. the picture shows the 1st one i placed, but i did the whole attic. This reduced my attic temperatures from 145 degrees down to about 120. I have not tried the "reflective foil" method, but i suspect it would be very effective. If you simply add vent turbines or other venting by themselves, it is not effective. I have found that by reducing attic temperatures down to about 100 to 110F, the interior of my house is reduced down from aprox 93F to about 83F. While this is not "air conditioned"... it makes the summer heat bearable and -- if you do run the air.. it runs less often.


Why do the roof tiles need cooling?

Painting the tiles white could be quite effective at reflecting back some of the incoming heat. Alternatively, if there is some space under the tiles you could add some vents at the top and bottom to prevent hot air building up and perhaps allow for some airflow to cool the tiles a little.

Thanks guys!
It is worth reading your replies.Now i have options to choose.Will the watering of clay reduce the heat?

Try them out. They're all cheap techniques. Make some measurements, and you can make some Instructables from them.


Stretch a tarpaulin tightly over the roof. Its called a "safari roof" construction.

@ Skinnerz: a roof being at the top of the house is where a lot of the heat gravitates (I suppose 'stratification' is more accurate).

Many clay roofs have a lot of thermal mass and can radiate their heat for a long time into the house -- evaporative cooling can quickly remove a lot of this energy and prevent it from being transmitted into the house.

Consider getting better insulation in the attic area (if there is one) to reduce heat leaking into the house. AFAIK there aren't any obvious automated roof-watering systems. A person could build a closed loop radiator/ground heat battery system that cools an underground tank of water at night with a radiator, then circulates the cold(er) water through the roof concrete during the day.