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How can you easily make Christmas lights blink? Answered

In the old days there was a gizmo that plugged into an outlet that you then plugged your light set into that made the set blink on & off. It's so simple that it isn't made anymore. All I want to do is make an LED light set blink on & off. I don't want computer control. I'm unemployed & can't afford light-o-rama.



 Also search "flash christmas lights" on Google.  Are your LED lights 110 or 220 v or 3v?

I found something ready made with 4 adjustable channels from IAQ I believe. It was only about $30.00

Go to a scrap-yard and see if you can pick-up an old indicator unit (the ones that make car-lights flash). However, the rate at which they flash is inversely proportional to the current going through them, so you might need to add-in some extra load.


Make a 555 timer circuit (google has loads of them), have the controller control a 5 volt relay that has contacts that can handle 110 volts.  If you use a spdt relay you could have one string on and one string off. When the timer changes the state of the relay the strings switch.