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How can you fix a tv with a black screen and a line less than eightt of inch screen of tv (horizontal)? Answered



if it is an OLD tube tv, test the tubes and especially the ones labeled Vert-osc, vert-amp etc. If it is a slightly newer tv that has transistors, then check the solder connections on the vertical output transistors. They often become poorly soldered due to heat-stress and vibration and because the factory very often does not solder them sufficiently during manufacturing. Also, the vertical output transistors may be shorted, in which case replacement will fix it. If you have never fooled with a tv... then it is somewhat dangerous because you don't know what the dangers are to take precautions against. It is best to ask for someone knowledgeable to guide you through the repairs so you don't get hurt. The 2 main dangers are getting shocks from charged capacitors even if the set is unplugged and turned off. Also, the picture tube has a danger because the thin neck is easily damaged and could explode due to it has a vacuum inside. Microwave ovens are even MORE dangerous to fool with if you don't know what you are doing. Therefore, you are probably better off just not fooling around with it.

I had that happen with a TV once, but it was one of the old kind that used a cathode ray tube (CRT). Anyway it was a problem with the vertical deflection circuit. Basically there was no vertical deflection signal, hence the whole picture was collapsed into a horizontal line.  Am trying to remember, but I think the fix involved just replacing a burned out resistor in the aforementioned vertical deflection circuit.  Not sure if the same thing is happening with your TV, or not.

This sounds like the tube has gone out- if there is no audio and you have a tube tv, you're looking at a fishbowl.

Take it to a repair shop.

If you have to ask here how to fix your tv there, you don't have the knowledge to do it and we don't have the info or the knowledge to give you.

Is it a tube, lcd, led plasma or what?