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How can you fold over duct tape without messing it up? Answered

I had this problem trying to make the duct tape belt. I've even tried putting it on paper but it usually gets really uneven.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Okay, here goes nothin! Lay a length of tape (your belt size ++) sticky side up on a table. It might help to have something adhesive on the table to make it stay in place (messy 2 sided tape, masking tape loops etc) Fold approx 1/4-1/3 the WIDTH of the tape up, from both ends, it helps to have a couple extra hands. You need to fold the entire length of the tape at the same time. Fold it all most of the way, line up where you want it to touch, then gently close the fold. See attached.

duct tape belt.GIF

Forgot to mention (I wish there was 'edit' - anyhoo) Both edges (top and bottom) are 'folded' - no future glue leak, and its strongest this way. The front face is solid tape, and the back face only has 1 exposed seam.

try wetting it with a solution of water with a drop of washing up liquid, hopfully, when the water dries out a bit, the duct tape should stick, i've not tried it, but take note all, it works when putting a sticker on your car, or windscreen, it gives you time to move the sticker into position, then dries

dont fold it. cut and make as 2 parts