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How can you get more people to view your Instructable? Answered



Write a better instructable. Establish a history of writing excellent instructables. A good title helps. An interesting topic helps. Something that is actually useful helps. People will look at what interests them, and not look at what doesn't. People will tell each other about Instructables (and rate them highly) if they like what you've written and not otherwise.

Or you can send a few thousand dollars to China and hire some game-farmers to click on your instructable, I suppose.

. All that plus great pictures. Remember that the first pic will appear in listings so try to make it say "Click me! I'm fun!"

Good point. Remember too that sometimes a video, or a sketch, is clearer than a still photo -- but not always.

IMHO, the single most important factor is a high-quality default image. On the projects that I can't show them well (as with my soccer goals), the views just don't come nearly as fast.