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How can you make a airsoft smoke grenade? Answered

I want something that i can attach a pull pin. Something that makes a ton of smoke and has a shell that wont break if dropped on the ground.


Try youtube. This ones ok, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXiBNSJpX0s

Yeah that didn't give off alot, there are some smoke mixtures out there you can make from like potassium nitrate and sugar, its all on youtube

Yeah but i heard that the potassium nitrate is horrible for you. When its smoke and a solid and liquid.


6 years ago

you cant, its impossible. the only way is to either buy a giant box that has alot of BB's, or just buy at the army surplus store.

i'd say you would have to buy one at your local army surplus store or buy one on Airsoftgi.com. I've been trying to figure out how to make one too and i could never figure it out. Try finding one online somewhere is my best guess.

Yeah. Ive been looking forever and i cant find a way to make a smoke grenade that is durable when in battle. The ones that you buy from the stores are not shipped and usually dont put out a big smoke cloud. Thanks anyways for the comment!