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How can you make money off of videos? Answered

When Kiteman said that Kipkay made money with videos, I was interested in doing this as well. I need to get some cash fast, and I am neither old enough to work or have parents rich enough to give me a decent allowance. How can you make money off of videos? If you can tell me from experience, by all means do so.


I can't stress enough that content is king. Having a well produced video made with a high quality camera and mic is just icing on the cake. There have been countless web-cam created videos that get HUGE amounts of traffic due to the content being presented. Watch and learn from early videos made by other people that have been very successful at this (Kipkay being one of them already mentioned). Kipkay has the "short but sweet" model down to a science. His ideas are fairly unique and interesting to a large audience. If you're looking to get cash fast you should consider something else. Success (to the point of making money) does not come quick. That said it is certainly possible with creative ideas, determination, and perseverance.

I know that I need some good content, I will worry about that later on. You never did answer on how I can get money from my views anyways. I don't need it THAT quick, but I do want to get some stuff later on.

i saw youtube had a thing where people rent your videos.

Get a load of Womens Mags where they have "money off" coupons and video them... Voila! You have made Money Off videos!

Nobody cares on what you think.

you can do it though youtube using the partner program, but your video's need to be popular

I've checked out the partner program, apparently it COSTS money.  And my videos arent that popular on the internet, just in my area, where I have more views than everyone else at my school COMBINED.


8 years ago

Make a popular video.

Question: How do you make a small fortune in the arts?
Answer: Start with a big fortune.

For most artists, that's the way it works. To beat those odds, you have to be able to do something exceptionally creative. It ain't easy. The pro artists I know are making a living but not much more than that, and they're working harder than those of us with normal day jobs do.

buy movies and then eligaly copy them and sell them to the public thousands of times JK! dont do this because it is extreamly eligal and you can go to jail depending on how many times you sold them

I know you can make money on your video's on youtube through ads on the page which when clicked give you a small amount of income, thats what the guys from "is it a good idea to microwave this?" do (watch it awsome show)

Check out MetaCafe - they have a pay-per-click option, and I believe YouTube do for high-view videos. Don't expect rapid cash, though, it's cents per click.

Even if its cents per click, millions of those can get you a decent amount of money. It takes a thousand pennies to equal 10 bucks.

You may want to read this article on what the chances are of getting 1 million views on a youtube video.

Quick Answer: Slim to none. Only 10% of vids even get 1,000 views.

Virtually all of money making videos on the 'net have years of experience behind them and have invested in a decent camera, lighting and sound.

Well, seeing what other people say, the videos may not be pay per click in the first place unless it does have millions of views.

I think it's even less than that...

Well, Kipkay uses a VERY expensive camera. He also is very good with electronics. I'd suggest posting a sample video.

If a site will pay you for video content you usually have to work hard at it (and spend money). I had a brief discussion with someone who claimed to have made serious cash but he said it wasn't easy getting the popularity / views needed.
(That is if you're making videos to pop on regular sites, rather than videos to sell)