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How can you program chip to detect motion using infrared or thermal? Answered

I'm making a Smart Pistol MK5 from the videogame Titanfall and I was thinking if I could use camera from gun to special glasses that could detect motion that uses infrared and/or thermal. My problem is how to code a chip to detect motion.



Best Answer 3 years ago

Sorry for the poor quality the 4 pin chip needs no programming.

For a better range substitute an LM317 driving a $1.oo red Laser at the dollar store.

You understand because the ir light is pulsing the AC photo detector only responds to the pulse frequency and can ignore steady ir sources of light like incandescent light bulbs and indirect sun light.

As long as the photo detector can see a intensity variation it will work.

Obviously any light system powerful enough ( like direct noon sun ) will wash out a photo sensor signal.

How big is that? Is it possible for that to be smaller?

Here is a tiny IR LED, a clear smart sensor and a Dip sensor setup in a relation to a penny.

BTW thanks for the best answer...

Hamamatsu _IR-Bullet_7.JPGHamamatsu_S4283-11_CLR_4.JPGHamamatsu _2.JPG