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How can you remove the raised surface on an altoids can? Answered

I want to make the can flat and not have the raised worls ALTOIDS on it how can I do in


Find a 1 inch x 1 inch chunk of steel with a good flat surface to act as a dolly. Place the dolly underneath the embossed surface, then tap the surface with a hammer, being careful to make the taps "square on" to prevent creasing. Alternatively, you can place the top upside down on a solid metal plate (preferrably steel) and do the hammering from the inside.

Repeat as necessary to flatten the entire word. Really, it's not rocket science. The embossing is of minimal height, and as a result, distortions in the surface due to flattening will also be quite minimal, unless you get too aggressive with the effort.

I'd suggest getting another tin, but otherwise see frollard.


For what it's worth, the tin I bought when I was in the UK a few years ago had a flat lid.

Personally, I'd suggest just turning the can upside down... but, yes, hammering would be the usual solution. For auto body work, there are "shrinking hammers" with corrugated faces that try to avoid the stretching problem; I don't know how well or poorly they'd work on something this small.

you can get a very small hammer, a very small anvil, and slowly try and tap it smooth -- only trouble is the material is now stretched to form the embossing marks and the surface area is thus increased - if you make it 'flat' again it will expand horizontally and be 'warpy'.

Options include: hammering flat
filling/sanding with some filler agent -- such as bondo, fiberglass resin, etc.
replacing the lid
putting something flat over the lid (cardboard, plexi, etc).