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How can you stop a hurrican? Answered

How to stop it?



Best Answer 5 years ago

Don't worry about the hurricane. We have elections next week!

You hurri-can't!!

ask it nicely or try reducing global warming. The hurricane is just natures way of breaking cars and things that burn petrol and release greenhouse gasses.

The Luftwaffe managed to stop quite a few Hurricanes.

I think they used Heinkels...

a little trivia to go with this, the older and outdated Hurricanes shot down more Nazi fighters than the Spitfire.So skilled were the Hurri pilots than German pilots shot down by them actually claimed they were downed by Spits out of embarrassment.
Rule Britannia!


Move to California.

Move to Wisconsin. Then all you have to watch out for is snow, drunk people, and deer (occasionally all three at once)

What about the devastating swarms of killer mosquitoes? Or is that just Minnesota?

Lately they haven't been too bad (unless you're treading in their homeland, aka the northwoods).

Out of the frying pan and into a giant crevasse opening along a fault line. :D
Of course that earthquake could trigger the giant volcano I live under.

You sort of have to pick your poison. Some kill a few each year and others wait 1000 years and kill all the people.

:-) Unfortunately, we don't get the giant crevasses in California (although the Salton Sea rift zone might get some in a few kiloyears...). We get more of the "Gee, my street didn't used to have a right turn in the middle of the block" slippage.

You're up in the Cascadia subduction zone, eh? Just wait a while, and you'll get your very own Banda Sea tsunmai, as Juan de Fuca crawls under the covers of Puget Sound.

My morbid curiosity wants to see what would happen (in real life not some simulation) when a tsunami racing through the straight, and sweeping across the Puget Sound meets the lahars rushing down from an erupting Mt. Rainer. Depending on the timing my house could be on or near ground zero.

Somebody at USGS has got to have a detailed simulation of that already completed. A little visualization software, a little Michael Bay, and it would look totally awesome!

There have been geo-engineering proposals to "solve" them, usually by pumping warm water down into the deeper ocean. Warm water drives hurricane formation,.

Or pour tank fulls of liquid N2 on the storm.

There was a neat idea proposed which consisted of long tubes barely floating vertically on the ocean's surface. Wave action causeswater to lap over into the top of the tubes, and push warm water down under hydrostatic pressure, cooling the top layer of the ocean "enough"


5 years ago

Chuck Norris has decided to sit this one out so there is not much hope.

Actually I heard this one has been caused by all the hot air blowing out of the political commercials.

I think most people would rather that it go away someplace else rather than just stop where it is.

Why don't they put all the power lines underground where they are protected?

If they had put in all those wind farms like they should have it would be possible to just drain off all that energy with the wind generators.

We need to develop Hurricane energy harvesting machines.

Sorry... but Sarah et al, have 'minds' of their own. It would be nice to calm them down and not be so destructive, but we as people, are far from fully understanding them (which is why we can't entirely predict their chosen path). Like tornados or earthquakes, they are parts of nature and we would be naive to think we have any control over them.

If you are on the US East coast right now, at least you know its coming your way.... We just had a 7.1 earthquake, a ton of aftershocks and for awhile there was a concern for a tsunami. There was no warning for us (except for the tsunami), but thankfully, everything turned out okay.

Just be safe if you were unable to flee.


Billions of ergs of energy.

Force of Nature.