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How can you tell polarity of disposable camera flash and capacitor? Answered

Wondering how to tell positive and neg on camera flash.. and the same for capacitor.. I see the capacitor has a greyish stripe down one side.. want to just wire strait from either flash or capacitor to restore/zap batteries back to life. Do you even need to get the polarity correct for this?


If you know Instructables that tell you how to do it, use them. There's no way to do this without reconfiguring the camera in some way and I'd guess what you've seen are as good as anything else.


Yes it would, but you do have to take 'em apart unfortunately. L

thanks sean, i understand your concern .. as i am leery of it as well.. however, there are several instructables concerning how to do this... unfortunately, i cant find one that utilizes the cameras existing buttons and configuration... i figured i could achieve the same result without having to reconfigure the camera

The only mod I saw using this idea was for a weapon.