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How can you tell what an LED's angle is? Answered

Is there a way to tell what the angles of an LED is by looking at it or by looking at the light it gives off?


. Using westfw's setup, it might be easier to use a protractor. Depends on how comfortable you are with trig and whether or not you have a protractor laying around.

How can I figure out what angle my LEDs need to be if I have 48 green LEDs and want a 158 candella output from the total circuit?

on an unrelated subject, may I inquire whether your moniker is "mr" + "show555" or "mrs" + "how555" :-)


10 years ago

Shine the LED at a sheet of white paper from a fixed distance, and measure how big the "bright" area is. Apply basic trig to convert to an actual angle, but bigger areas mean bigger angles, and you might not need the actual angle...