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How come I can't get Java to install an old (necessary) version on my computer? Answered

I have Windows XP on my laptop and subscribe to Pogo games. It came up with a "either you don't have java or it's not working" error message so I went and got 6u11 from Java, and that didn't work either. Their tech people told me to try and get java 6u7 on there instead because that works better with their games. I can't get my computer to open the file I downloaded for that version because it doesn't recognize the extension. Have tried to get their download manager to help and no luck. I'm furious and frustrated. Anyone who can help, please do get in touch. Thanks.


Just like what The Vinnator said: you've probably already have Java installed so, (Assuming that your using Internet Explorer) First click tools > Internet Options. A message box will pop-up. Now look above, there should be a few tabs there, click the one that says "advanced". Once you click that, there should be several tick-boxes. Keep searching & scrolling down untill you see "Sun Java" click the tick box if its not ticked and java should start working!

if you've got Windows XP, then you probably have a perfectly good version of Java already installed the problem will be your web browser just make sure you enable Java and JavaScript in the preferences (or try Firefox)

It would have been helpful if you mentioned the extension of the file and the website where you downloaded it from. Also the browser you are using would be helpful.