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How come i can not play south park episodes? Answered

Hi there im here in New Zealand and i wanted to whatch sout park online at http:///southparkstudios.com
it says can not play this episode so i tryed a hole heap of episodes, all coming out with the same answer? Then i downloaded flash player as i was told this may be the problem. So i downloaded flash player and this problem still ocurs. This problem even happens on http:///comedycentral.com  why might this be?



8 years ago

Hi thanks both of you for your help do use no another website were i could view south park for free online this would be a great help thank you!


8 years ago

There are a lot of geo-restriction nowadays, meaning exactly what yokozuna wrote. I cannot watch ABC from the US in Germany for example.

A way to watch foreign country stuff is to make the webpage you want to see believe that you live in that country (this depends on your IP-address).
There are several ways you can do that. Cheapest would be just using a free proxy. Content distributers may be aware of that fact, so some webpages still don't let you see the content. Another one is using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This is similar to proxies, but as I understand it, it is somewhat of a tunnel through the internet (you get into the internet in your country with your countries IP-address and you get out of the tunnel in another country with a local IP-address). There are free alternatives on the web and if you need more bandwidth, you'll have to choose a paid provider.

You can find both alternatives if you search for them with your preferred search engine (just not to name them here...).

I get the idea from content providers who don't want their content displayed in countries by people who haven't paid for the service (e.g. US cable TV) and that they also want to sell their content at a later time in another country (new Simpsons episodes run around 2-3 years late in Germany compared to US-broadcast).
But on the other side:
- a lot of the original wording and jokes get lost in translation
- voices are different to the original due to translation
- I lived in the US for 3 years and grew accustomed to watching shows and movies in english. German TV could provide the original language besides the German version, but they don't. Swiss TV does (at least sometimes). In my case, if it is a show or movie with native english language, I go for that or leave it be. I don't care about movies that got poorly translated (most obvious when they put subtitles in case they have smaller parts not translated - e.g. the simpsons singing a song - I assume they don't get the people speaking the translated text to sing) :-)
If I want to watch a movie with German language, I watch a movie made in Germany :-)

So these are all reasons from a "customers" point of view.
I don't want to tell anyone to go against restrictions, but I can surely understand why you would want to ;-)


8 years ago

Many of the tv show videos online are restricted to viewing in the country in which they are made. The reason for this is simply because various nations have various copyright rules, so they limit the release to what they have a clear understanding of and can control. I'm guessing that's the case for South Park. An additional note, most of the new South Park episodes show up on youtube, even if they eventually get flagged and removed after a week or so.