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How come so many people use Altoid containers? Answered

I've seen atleast 50 'ibles on altoid wallets alone!How come?



Best Answer 9 years ago

I guess because they are such a convenient size, easily available and with attractive graphic design.

You know you can buy multi packs on Ebay. That is the way I find my cinnamon Altoids.


8 years ago

 Because they're cheap, they come with candy ^_^  , with a little ingenuity you can make just about ANYTHING with them, and they are third on the list of best 'ibles materials.

The size is nice, but when talking about electronics, especially analog electronics, the metal tin provides for some nice shielding, and looks mighty sharp doing it. Oh yeah, and they're essentially free, if you do any sort of looking around.

So many people use altoid containers for the above stated reasons. But I want to collect altoid containers for making teensy assemblage. Similarly, I'm collecting Rosebud Salve containers.

BTW check out the AIRSOFT DEVASTATOR under recent games. That's my first altoid project.

They are cheap / free enclosures. I find 1 or 2 on wal-marts parking lot every week.