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How come when I connect my psp go to a usb charger, it thinks the charger is a computer, and tries to enter "USB mode"? Answered

 i bought myself a charger for in the car for my psp go system, so i could use the cable it comes with to charge it. but instead, it enters usb mode, and tries to connect to my charger as a mass storage device. 


The cool thing about USB is that it's not just a dumb plug (although it can be).  Many modern chargers actually use the data capabilities of USB to communicate with the device it's charging; many cell phones and other devices tell the charger how full the battery is so the charger knows whether to stay in a rapid charging mode, or switch to trickle or full off.

If the charger isn't being properly recognized by the PSP, it may see it as a generic device - or in this case, a mass storage device.  The simplest solution is to modify the charging cable so that the two data lines are crippled, thereby supplying the PSP with power and no data to communicate.  On the other hand, the charger will become a dumb device and continuously throw charge to the PSP, so if the PSP isn't designed to automatically sense the battery and stop charging you may run the risk of overcharging the battery.

Personally, I would take the charger back and get one specifically designed for the PSP - not only will you prevent frying the battery, but you also won't run the risk of voiding the warranty.

It's designed to recognise a USB connection as a data connection. Is it designed to charge only from the USB socket?


It should have a separate dedicated charger...

my psp2k (the go is probably different, being more cloud-centric) needs to be manually put into usb mode (otherwise it will just charge and act normally).  The go probably has an option to turn this behaviour on or off.

 actually, it does not. it acts just as a previous model psp would with usb mode, except when the usb cable is in it's specific charger, then it will charge.