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How could I build an EMF pump, or EMF generator to generate levels of electromagnetic field in a small room? Answered

As a lot of people know, electromagnetic fields have been associated with hauntings, and some theorize that entities use these as power sources to affect things on our plane. I've seen these things being built and sold on the internet, even being run with a 9V battery and emitting 300 gauss in an entire small room. How could I go about building one of these units?


Throughout history there have been many answers to the question of "what could the dead possibly want from the living?" , including sheep blood, electromagnetic fields, and of course, "BRAAAAAAAIIIIINS!!!!"

But seriously though guys, I figured it out. I figured out the answer to this question. Yes I did.  I figured it out all by myself! And it only took like 2 beers, which isn't that many, all things considered.

You see, I am actually a shaman,and part of my repertoire of shamanic powers includes consulting the spirit world for wisdom. To facilitate this I use beer. Other shamans use more powerful drugs, typically hallucinogens, like certain mushrooms, or licking the back of certain species of poisonous frogs, but I've never really felt the need the go that far down the rabbit hole, as the saying goes. Mostly I just need to sort of quiet the overly rational and inhibited part of my mind, so that the other voices can have a chance to say something, without being interrupted by the rational voices, who usually just say something worthless like, "that will never work".

And the crazy part is it's not even real beer, or so I've been told. Instead this substance is what they call an American Style Lager...

Have you ever seen an inductive-style charger for an electric toothbrush? It's like a tranformer, except they put the primary coil and the ferromagnetic core in the charger, while the secondary coil is located in the plastic body of the electric toothbrush. You see that way, the electric toothbrush can be completely sealed and waterproof, but there is still a way to get energy into it to recharge its battery. The energy is transferred by way of an alternating magnetic field.

Heh. Magnetic field. The SI unit of magnetic field strength is the tesla.

1 tesla = 10 000 = 104 gauss

The strength of the Earth's magnetic field is about 0.5 gauss, or 500 milligauss, but that's a DC magnetic field. You won't detect the Earth's DC magnetic field using a AC gaussmeter.

Which reminds me of something the rational part of my mind was bugging me about. I think you, RUSHAVED, have got your units wrong on that quote of 300 gauss. I think it should probably be milligauss, you know, thousandths of a gauss. Or maybe you don't know, becuase you were just misquoting someone else. For example this page.
Or this one:
Or this one:

I swore I wasn't going to do it, but yes, I fed the phrase "EMF pump", including the quote marks, unto Google, and it returned all kinds of crazy links. I think the phrase is real jargon, used by those in the ghost hunting business, er hobby, whatever you call it.

It makes me wonder: what the heck is inside that box being sold by both entityelectronics.com and hauntedhouse.spruz.com? I mean it looks like the same box, but what's in it?

If I had to guess, if I had to guess what's the easiest/cheapest way to build something that would create an alternating field big enough to be detected by a typical AC EMF meter? Answer: a big inductor, a big coil of wire, connected directly to the AC mains. That's a guess. It also looks like the mystery box contains a fan. Probably because the big coil of wire gets warm, and it requires cooling.

I never did find the one that runs on a single 9V battery.

Back to the topic of the electric toothbrush charger:  It also is basically a big coil of wire. But you probably didn't notice the really brilliant part, and that's why I am going to explain it to you next, or at least try to.

I don't know if you're going to believe this part or not, but electrically the toothbrush charger "looks different" to the electrical outlet, depending on whether or not the electric toothbrush is sitting in its cradle. It actually draws more real power while the toothbrush is charging. When the toothbrush is out of its cradle it draws less real power and more reactive power, or in other words it looks less like a "real load" and more like a "reactive load" specifically an inductive one.

More on the difference between "real" and "reactive" power:

You see, that's what's missing from the $160 ghost-charging EMF pump. If you just put a power meter on there, then you could see/detect, by way of the change in the amplitude and phase angle of the current, you can see/detect that something is drawing power. You see: ghost is to EMP pump as electric toothbrush is electric toothbrush charger.

It makes perfect sense.

Back to the subject of things that don't make sense, consider what you get when you calculate the amount of energy it takes to create a room sized volume of DC magnetic field, of such-and-such strength. To do this, use the formula for the energy density of a magnetic field, UB=0.5*μ0*B2, then multiply by the volume of the room. Then consider that if this field is truly an electromagnetic field, like the far-field from an AM transmitter, then this volume of field is being "swept out" in a time equal to the length of the room divided by c (the speed of light). The problem is that is a small amount of time, and this will lead to an inconveniently large amount of real electrical power at the transmitter.

For that reason I think the AM transmitter model is an inferior idea. It throws/wastes too much power, transmitting it to the infinity outside the room. I think the electric toothbrush charger model will put more power, and more B-field, into the room where you and your ghosts can use it.

As a bonus, such a device, if you build it right, can be used for levitating metal salad bowls. It's a really cool physics demo if you've ever seen it. You know, Lenz's law, induced electric currents producing magnetic fields that repel the magnetic field that induced them in the first place.

Probably the next thing you're going to want to know is what kind of wire, what kind of core, and how many turns.

Well of course. What type of suds would that require? To feel right about it I would send Guiness instead of some dirty bath water, but hey, whatever conjures your demons. Either that, or I have to ask my Ouija board again, and it never seems to get the math right anyway. (Which makes me think I should put a power gauge on that to see when the spirits were using it.)

Hey Rush!   Thanks for choosing what wrote previously as a Best Answer. Regarding suds, I usually drink the cheap stuff. That's what seems to work.

Regarding how to build the inductor?  I mean how many turns, what gauge wire, and what to use for the core?  I don't have any immediate, easy, answers for these questions.  Besides, plugging big coils of wire directly into your wall outlets can be a teensy-weensy bit dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

But I wanted you know that this sort of thing is possible.  At least the part about levitating metal mixing bowls is possible. I was looking for demos of this on Youtube, but instead of metal bowls I found metal plates, specifically aluminum.

Levitating aluminium plate
Electrodynamic Levitation

Anyway, that's what the Youtube links are for, to demonstrate that you can do some spooky stuff with AC magnetic fields, even without the help of the supernatural.

Which brings me to another point.  Previously I mentioned power drain, how the magnitude, and phase, of the power change depending on whether or not something is interacting with the field.  Usually that something is a conductor, like a levitating mixing bowl, or aluminum plate.  There's electric current running around in the conductor, and it's producing heat, and the power needed to produce that heat is supplied by the wall outlet.  The point here is that there are ordinary non-supernatural objects which will cause the coil to draw more power. Also note that these ordinary objects are typically good electrical conductors, typically made out of metal.

So your ghost detector also works as a metal detector. Or actually it will probably work better as a metal detector. Really what I'm guessing is that metal objects, like spoons, forks, pots and pans, will be easier to find than ghosts. Or maybe it all depends on how haunted your kitchen is.

You might possibly be wondering if this is the same principle by which real metal detectors, for detecting metal, work. And the answer is "sort of". The most notable difference between a metal detector and, what would you call it, an open-core-transformer, inductive charger a.k.a electric toothbrush charger, the main difference is that the metal detector is not designed to deliver large amounts of power.  A metal detector works by sensing a change in the inductance of its big "search coil". The inductance of this coil changes when metal objects are brought near it.  Also, in a metal detector, the change in inductance is detected by a change in frequency (the inductor is the L in a LC oscillator circuit), rather than a change in power consumption.

A metal detector circuit might work for detecting ghosts, although this "ghosts are made out of metal" logic, seems suspiciously like the "witches are made out of wood" reasoning from that Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

LOL, well I dont know what they are made of, but certainly it doesn't seem to be metal. Although, if one could alert to a change in inductance, then I would assume the alert would work to alert to the energy changes that an entity would create when trying to manifest. But....like you said, it would be near impossible to rule out all natural origins in this situation.
But I still go back to the point, I could potentially "rob" some hardware out of a charger for a large appliance, or something of the sort to get a safe transformer to emit EMF I would suppose. I would of course wire in a fan to cool the unit, but this seems like maybe what they've done. Hard to know I suppose. But with any luck, I could also levitate plates and stuff, and claim that I was doing it with my mind or something. And charge for tickets. You know how gullible those dang ghost hunters are! ;)

I don't believe 300 gauss over a whole room with a 9V battery; I think what you're looking at there is _pure_ scam.

(I'm not sure I agree with the first sentence either. Some people claim this; I seriously doubt that "a lot of people" _know_ this -- at least, not if "a lot" is more than about 20 in the country and "know" means more than "I heard it on the interwhatsis".)

I agree 300 gauss (or milligauss, as it were) from a 9V seems a bit much. But as some who have looked into it may have seen, there are far more than 20 people who know what claims there are about paranormal activity and EM fields. Is it a side effect of being in a room full of high EMF's, or a battery for a spirit? Only one way to know.

Knowing what is claimed by someone else, "knowing" that the claim is a fact, and actually being demonstrably correct are three separate things.

What frequency are you on?


You know, when Odysseus visited the Land of the Dead he was able to strengthen the shadow-like apparitions he found there, by digging a pit and filling it with honey, milk, wine, white barley, and the blood from two freshly killed sheep.

So honestly I can't see any reason why a source of low frequency radio waves would not have the same effect.  Yeah.  That'll definitely work!

The reason I really asked is because of the honey, milk, wine, white barley, and the blood from two freshly killed sheep is so expensive these days. And rest assured, when you go into your local Wal Mart with that shopping list, you are bound to be "escorted" to your car. So....... This is the next best thing. Believe me, I'm skeptical.

He wanted something to emit an electromagnetic field. Sounds like a radio transmitter to me :-) Or a generator, or a transformer, or a big wire looped around with both ends stuck in the wall....so many options :-/

Would an AM transmitter really emit high levels of EMF?

Depends on how you build it, and whether you care about FCC compliance or not. Now that you have several useful keywords, you can do loads of research on your own, and find exactly what you want. Good luck!