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How could I capture the signal from an IR remote for a toy so that I could program my own remote? Answered

I have a toy that came with a simple IR remote; the remote has a couple different buttons that make the toy do different things like light up.  I want to create my own one-button remote that mimics one of the buttons from the original remote.  How could I capture the signal from the original remote and program it into my new remote?


... Or you could write a program that records the signal from the IR (via a photodetector) and plays it back at the same speed on request (through an IR LED). Obviously, you'll need to use a fast enough data rate to get the transitions reasonably close the original, or the receiver may not like it.

Once you've got a recording that works, you could hardcode it into a microcontroller program..

If you look at the various designs for microcontroller-based audio recording and playback toys, and just replace the mike and speaker with detector and LED (with appropriate amplification on the input and resistor on the output, if needed), that's essentially what you'd be looking at.

I hesitated to suggest that approach !
There ARE published Arduino learning remote projects.

Figured there were... (Something I need to investigate at some point because I want a network-controllable IR sender.) How are they storing the data -- writing it into a corner of the Arduino's flash?

For someone who doesn't have the background (and probably doesn't have the tools) to analyze the signal, "just record it" is probably easier, and "using this existing solution" is easier yet...

Actually the second related result to the right deals with this....

Go here I think it's what you're looking for.

You need to make some accurate measurements of the waveform from the transmitter, and work out the bit-rate of the signal, then you can transfer that to an Arduino or somesuch, and use the serial port to drive an IR emitter.