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How could I charge two Sealed Lead-Acid batteries at the same time and power 2 differnet devices? Answered

Could somebody please help me? I cant find a way too charge 2 SLA's at the same time and run 2 seperate devices and make it so I can power one device one one battery and another device powered by the other battery.
There some some writing on the battery casing  But I don't really understand but it reads:
______Constant Voltage Charge_______
I        Voltage Regulation                                I
I           Cycle Use           14.4 - 14.7V            I
I        Standby use           13 .15 - 13.8V        I
I    Max charging current                  1.2A       I

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


the mechanical engineer

Best Answer 8 years ago

if you got a 24v charger you could wire them like in the first picture, which would allow you to run each cell seperatly. the second picture uses a 12v charger with both batteries in parallel split to 2 different loads, which accomplishes the same thing. take your pick.

24v charger.bmp12 v char.bmp

8 years ago

If you connect the batteries in parallel then connect the charger you can use that pack to power any number of things. As long as you charger is not overloaded and the total draw is not more than the batteries and charger can draw.

Very few circuits are bothered by being connected to the same battery source as other circuits. Radio and logic circuits might not like being connected with other circuits that create lots of static back to the power leads.