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How could I cord a wireless five-button laser mouse? Answered

I have a wireless five-button laser mouse for my lappy and the receiver keeps getting bent, I've gone through four mice with this and it finally occurred to me that a corded mouse would solve my problem (since the plug is smaller). But I can't find a tutorial anywhere on how to do this and I'm not good enough with electronic to figure it out myself. I'm sure something can be done, or would I be better off buying a $20 corded replacement? Thanks



Best Answer 8 years ago

A common method is to get a short piggyback cable - like 1-4 inches long usb extension cord. It allows a standard small plug to be inserted in the laptop - and the short wire prevents the dongle being damaged from bumps - since it dangles. Dangling dongles all the way.

There's mice from Logitech with absolutely tiny receivers if you really get sick of the receivers, probably not answering your question, though. The VX Nano's $US80, It's got tons of buttons, and I'VE GOT ONE! Oh, and no, I DON'T WORK FOR LOGITECH!!!

Those *are* pretty cool mice. With the receiver that sticks into the bottom of the mouse when not in use.

Yup. Still think it's the best laptop mouse ever.

You could open up your laptop and solder the receiver dongle to a USB header on the motherboard, but that might be more hassle than it's worth.