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How could I create an external power source for a set of computer speakers? Answered

I am wondering if any one knows of a way to power computer speakers. I was thinking something along the lines of a car battery charger and a converter. Could anyone help me out with this? Thanks


Find the power ratings. Now buy batteries that are similar to rechargeable drill batteries or something that puts out close to what the speakers need and make a board if the power needs to be regulated.

Is there a voltage and current rating on the speakers?

Not that I could find. My original intent was to buy some sort of rechargeable battery pack that I could plug stuff into. Do you know of anything like that?

Well, you could do that but without the voltage and current rating you could easily damage them. Did they come with a "wall wart" or is there just a cable that you plug into the powerpoint?

Ah , I forgot to check the wallwart. It says 15 VDC and 900mA. Does that help?

Ah, yes. IYou could use batteries, but they would have to be wired so they can supply 15V (10 1.5v batteries in series) It probably wouldn't last that long though. Were you planning on using different batteries?

I was thinking of using car batteries or a battery pack or a car battery charger. Would any of those be possible?

Well, Unless you have two car batteries and a 1A 15V regulator, it won't work. But you can use a normal battery pack if it is rated for 15V or above.