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How could I make a hidden space in my room? Answered

I have a fairly small room and i want to make a hidden space big enough for a small person to fit in. Could i build a piece of furniture and a compartment in the back? What about making fake drawers under the bed? Are these awful ideas? Do you have any more? p.s. I don't have a closet.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Your ideas are good, as are Prof. '05's, as long as ventilation is provided if the small person is going to hide for any length of time. Acidbass's ideas are good for short periods, but could be hard on the small person over any length of time if he/she has to curl up tightly to fit in.

A classic idea is a wardrobe or armoire, one of those free-standing closet things; either with you (okay, I'm just going to assume that "the small person" is you) just hiding among your clothes; or with a false bottom, side, or back with the hidden compartment beyond.

Floor length drapes, with or without a window behind them, are so classic that they're in Shakespeare.* If the hanging rod projects out from the wall a few inches - perhaps disguised by a valance - that gives you more hiding room.
(*Don't try this if your name is "Polonius." :)

The ultiimate would be a compartment hidden behind a false wall, which would work best on one of the short walls of a long and narrow room.

I'm not going to ask why you would need to stash a small person inside your room, but I think the platform bed idea is the safest bet to do something that's inconspicuous.

yeah i agree with prof.2005 why do you need to hide a small person? are you planning on killing a midget? if so i was never here for all you know im a midget.......

You could make one in the wall and disguise it as one of those large vents that would be awesome.

How about a bookcase headboard for your bed. The bottom part where it goes below the bed is solid since you can't put books there and oh by the way it is hollow and the small bookcase on the end is a hidden door. Make sure that there is ventilation and the door does not lock. The end against the wall can be open. The door can have a magnetic catch. The problem with hidey holes is that if nobody knows where you are then nobody can help you if something goes wrong.

Without a closet the only alternative might be the hidden compartment in a piece of furniture. There was an episode of Seinfeld (The Nap)with a hidden area under a large desk where George could take a nap.Also a plywood platform type couch would work (hatch under the cushions).. I'm sorry I have to ask. Why do you want to hide a small person????

why not build a loveseat or chair that has a boxish sort of frame and have a door on the back or a large ottoman