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How could I make a "Pip-Boy 3000" out of an iphone style phone? Answered

The main character in Fallout 3 had this sweet forearm information device. I'd like to make one using my phone as the screen, but I don't know what I could use for the actual device surrounding the screen.



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Alright, if the phone is a touch screen, you're simply looking to make a really neat case for it. I'm working on a similar project, but at the moment it's on the back shelf until more important ones are finished. I recommend a few steps to get started. First, you'll need to know the exact dimensions of the phone you plan to put in place, so you can make a cavity that will hold it snugly without squishing it or bending it. Then you'll need to make a rough shape for the pipboy out of something sturdy. If you're willing to work your butt off, sculpting the shape of most of it out of styrofoam and then layering it with seven or eight layers of heat shrinkable plastic wrap will give it a light weight, fairly sturdy body. If you need/want it to be tougher (you are putting an expensive piece of technology in it, after all) you'll want to go for a tough plastic shell, possibly with a foam cavity for the phone itself. Making a plastic shell is out of my league, especially if you intend it to be safe for your phone. If I get back to my project in a reasonable time I'll add a link to some pictures of it in progress.

ARDUINO!!! (Not really, that's just the first thing that pops into my head when I think about making electrical devices of unusual purpose). I guess it depends on the specifics. The phone is a touch-screen? For building the chassis, you might have the most success molding something out of a relatively easy-to-work-with material. You could probably make it out of bits of old components (in keeping with the Fallout spirit), but I guess it depends on the size of your wrist as well. Is it for general use, or just sometimes (costume, convention, etc.)?

How could I make a "Pip-Boy 3000" out of an iphone style phone?

Last time i checked, their touch screen
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Wow, seriously, if you are going to post an answer to criticize someone else's post, at least put something remotely useful to the discussion. It's not like I put "you should definitely cover the screen in plexi to protect it" or something like that. Well, naturally. iPhones are touch-screen, so "iPhone Style" phones could be assumed to be touch screen as well. I just wanted to confirm that before I made any specific recommendations. I've never owned an iPhone or any phone like it, so I don't know if there are any buttons or switches around the outer edges (IIRC, the iPhone's functions, like locking it, are also done on-screen). But again, an iPhone-style phone may not necessarily be the same either, so the argument could be pointless anyway.

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A simple way to make a pipboy 3000 would be for you to get the blackberry storm then find the theme download. Now if your into the who wiring business the you should connect the buttons from the phone to the pipboy now of course there aren't that many buttons on the pipboy compared to the phone but you could simply add that wouldn't be as noticeable. i know this is an old question but just felt like answering

oh yes and also youd have to insert it into a pipboy collectors edition youll be able you find one for 94-100