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How could I make a rigid USB keyboard fold in half? Answered

No one seems to manufacture a full size 104(?) key keyboard which folds (the way the first IBM Thinkpad's notebook board did) so as to fit in a backpack or notebook case. I do not like to type on those rubber roll up keyboards. Any ideas on how I could build a folding keyboard? Thanks


Keyboards are relatively cheap so I think you can destroy one to find out what is inside. Open one up and see where you can take a hacksaw to split it in half. Cutting a zigzag line along the shape of the breaking keyline may be a little difficult. A keyboard is essentially a bunch of little switches laid out in a gridlike pattern on a circuit board. You would hopefully just need to patch all of the cut traces on the circuit board by bridging them with a piece of flexible ribbon cable. The other experts here will need to say if it changes the resistance too much to give you a wacky acting keyboard. I think the cheaper keyboards are just bubble buttons but try to find one that uses real acting switches for each key. Epoxy on some kind of hinge or tough fabric to make it fold. Good luck.

The resistance won't matter, all it needs is a short between two pins.

Thanks, wasn't sure if it had something to do with the timing or chip on how it reads which key it is.