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How could I make a standard pair of jeans more steampunk? Answered

I need a way to practically fix up some jeans for everyday wear and tear (and washing) that would be practical to wear, say to work or school, but would not be out of place with a steampunk ensemble. really i just kind of need the jeans to be a bridge between steampunk and modern fashion, so that i won't get funny looks from teachers and co-workers by showing up in full neo-victorian/steampunk garb.



Best Answer 8 years ago

How about black lace border coming out of the bottom of the cuffs. A copper band with rivets joining the lace to the cuff. Small rubber hoses ending in brass fittings coming up the legs attached with brass brackets and brass rivets. Lace coming out of the pockets with the same copper band and rivets. For a belt find an old timing chain from a car of something industrial looking like that and a big brass steamer trunk closure for a buckle. Make a red leather holder for your cell phone or ipod with stitching and rivets. For knee pads you could create copper Armadillo skin that would be flexible and attractive. Get the button front jeans and replace the buttons with stainless steel bolts that are the right size so that you can still open them when the need arises. Replace the belt loops with copper straps and rivets or some sort of chain links. Get a pair of the punk glasses and make a matching case out of red leather for them to hang off your belt. Get a big pocket watch and recase it to look like a steam pressure gauge and hang that off your belt. You have to wear a white satin shirt trimmed in copper with copper buttons. Add a red satin long coat trimmed in black. Mix and match any of the above or not.

The basic difficulty I see here for all the sugestions other than the belt is, how would you wash the resulting jeans safely?

bleach them so they are brown instead of blue... them rough them up or even add a rusty chain

I had no idea that bleaching blue jeans would turn them brown, that's actually quite cool! so, would just putting them in the washer with some bleach work, or would I have to soak them in a bleach bath?

I've bleached jeans on purpose and by accident by spilling bleach on them and have never had the turn brown. They just get lighter blue. You might beach them light and then dye them brown.

actually there are no ibles on bleaching jeans... if you bleach it long enough with fabric safe bleach they should go their natural light brown colour... this guy got the right light brown look with his jeans though


Do you want the male, female or androgenous look?

I would say add touches of bronze/brass colored trim or accents to it- like a pair of jeans that have been threaded with a brass or gold thread, I know I've seen those readily available when I got taken jeans shopping with my girlfriend. If they have those fancy deigns on the back pockets in the steampunk-colored thread that have a Victorian feel about them, you could mimic that pattern elsewhere on the jeans. Maybe along the seams would look sharp. I'm sure if you hit up a craft store in the fabric section and wonder for a bit, something will pop up.

you can ad a belt that is closed by an old rusty lock.