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How could I pimp out my shed to hang out in? Answered

I have a shed that my friends and I hang out in. So far it has 2 tables, 2 couches, christmas lights, and a radio, and temporary lighting (I have to run an extension cable to it). Any more ideas?


Smack a few solar panels on top, maybe a wind turbine, charge some lead acid batteries, have them run to an inverter. Plug stuff into there. Posters, small stereo, EL wire, mini fridge. Get one of those white gas camping stoves from coleman, cheap to run and small.

I got a similar set up, but no friends :( Put a tire in the center and burn incense. Get a LP stove and a 55 gallon barrel of water and a couple 36-packs of Ramen and eat.

First of you should definitely get a power strip so that you could plug in more appliances like a TV, you don't have to have cable just the tuner that picks up your local channels, sometimes something good is on. Also another thing to do with that TV is to put something along the lines of a video game system like a nintendo would be cool. You would also need food just some bread and a toaster would suffice, you could also have cinnamon sugar on top of that yummy toast!