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How could i produce fake steam/smoke effects for a steampunk costume? Answered

I am in the process of making a steampunk/mech themed costume for an upcoming comicon. As the centerpiece for the costume i am trying to make a literal chimney tophat which i would like to emit steam or smoke or something similar in appearance from its open top. I need some kind of gadget or means to produce the desired effect that can be fixed inside the body of the hat. It needs to work in a safe manner and be compact and lightweight enough to wear inside the cylindrical part of the chimney hat just above my head.

As a back up, in case i cant find a solution to the above problem in time, im intending to hack a bubble gun and use that for a stream of bubbles but i would prefer to have a means of producing a relatively convincing stream of fake steam/smoke.

Any ideas are appreciated thanks...

P.S. im not sure if this should be posted here or perhaps in 'science' so apologies if i posted in the wrong area


Looks like chalk dust would be a better substitute.

If you can't get the hobby train smoker to work, corn starch and any gizmo that will emit a puff of air is an option.- Such as the little accordian bodied squeeze bulbs for cleaning electronics.

How does corn starch produce this effect? Iv never heard of corn starch before so iv no idea how this would work...

Used as a thickening agent in soups. Its called Maize flour in Europe, and corn flour in Ireland. Its a light powder that should prove to be non-irritant to most people. The puff of air will make it float a bit for a steam or smoke effect.

Here are a couple of links to commercial products that do what you are looking for. Might give you some ideas, or you could use them if you don't mind spending the money.



i'd go to a model shop and see if you can get a cheap smoke maker for a model train set. they make them in various sizes.