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How could i wire up 2 servos, a temperature sensor and an arduino? Answered

I want to do this so I can automate the running of my bath, so for example, I can select 2i want 27 degrees" on the arduino then it will open the taps (forcets) and controll them to get the right temperature.



Best Answer 8 years ago

binary solenoids will be the best way to do flow control. most servos are going to be able to handle turning the knobs. a slightly easier / not as accurate way, would be to embed the temerature sensor in the tub of the water, and compare that temperature to your set temperature. if its hot, add cold water, vice versa. Its not going to be accurate to the set point though.


8 years ago

Oooh, tricky. I set the temperature of my hot water to what I want and don't blend in cold (but that's my house).

You could fit in-line (binary, open/shut 0/1) solenoid valves, measure flow-rates and temperature, calculate run-times for hot and cold. Remember that you need to shut off the water at "full".
For a more advanced system, use the system clock/date to look-up a seasonal adjustment, which allows for the cold being colder in winter.

If you want to turn faucets through degrees, you'd need a flow-rate conversion, and you'd need to be careful about not over/under closing the faucets

The maths & scripting shouldn't be hard.