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How could one finish off a paper construct? Answered

I require some method of covering and finishing geometric paper constructs in a durable (can survive the average jean pocket's wear and tear) and aesthetically pleasing manner. Some work with wide sticky tape can produce a fair finish, but the look is not necessarily desirable.

I'm thinking melt on contacts, dipping in glue, cutting up book covering paper... that sort of thing.
Any ideas?



PVA glue dries clear and gives a plastic look.

You can get wide sticky backed plastic that is clear for covering books. make out of thin polypropylene this bends or out of thick aluminium foil.

Whoo! It worked. I started off with paper covered with book-covering gear and from there on I knew it was the right choice. The rest of the build was the same as ever but came out so much greater.


PS. to any one else that answered: you guys are great, I happen to need a few of these tips for other paper projects. Cheers everyone!

Are they flat, or three-dimensional?

Maybe fill them with something to withstand the crushing.

Hmm, that's an idea.

I ask because
a. I'm attempting to perfect a home made customisable iPod cover, and
b. 3D constructs are fun.

I think I've got the right assortment of gear, starting off with book covering works well.

Just avoid sharp corners, you should do well.

If you want them to stand-up to pocket carry, you'll have to use some type of epoxy or resin. You might try fiberglass resin. it's clear and strong. You can get it at most DIY or auto parts stores.


6 years ago

Spray it with several light coats of clear acrylic spray paint.

I made a paper dodecahedron and finished it with
clear acrylic spray paint.


I used to use thin super glue to "harden" soft spots in balsa when I flew RC planes. You might do the same with your paper stuff. Careful with super glue. It can get nasty pretty fast if you spill it.