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How could you make a Pterodactyl shriek sound effect, without electronics or pre-made instruments? Answered

Each year my school does a stomp class competition, you do some sort of performance, usually centered around percussion, without using any instruments or electronics. I intend to go quite thoroughly over the top this year. I'm building a 9-foot wooden T-Rex ( A scaled up version of kaptaink_cg 's instructable), and plating it with metal so it can be used as an instrument. I'm also making a Pterodactyl (same instructable). I wanted some way of making a screeching sound (something along the lines of this http://soundbible.com/1497-Pterodactyl-Scream.html) - but with out instruments or speakers. 

The gym has a zipline I can attach this too, and I've been playing with ideas on how I can use the moving air as it falls to make the screech. I was thinking of the kids toys, like the pipe you turn upside down for a sound - but it's not quite the right sound. I've also played with the string and oatmeal container resonance chamber idea.

Does anyone have any ideas on how this sort of sound effect could be made, or have any ideas about where to look?



8 years ago

My friend and I can do a pretty good dino screech -- vocal -- attempt to scream while breathing in. It may/probably will hurt, but makes a great sound ;) Practice at lower volume until you can do it, then you can really belt it out.


Answer 8 years ago

Interesting; that's the same effect I've used for this purpose. It's just sufficiently different from most vocal sounds to have an "alien" feel to it.

And it may even be possible to justify this. One of the differences between birds ("modern dinosaurs") and mammals is that birds have a syrinx rathar than a larynx; the resonant mechanism is much deeper in the throat, which produces different overtones. By inhaling rather than exhaling, you are to some degree replicating that difference.