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How did everyone get these patches from fungus amungus? (Besides the cookie) Answered

Ive seen users with tons of donuts, cakes and treats from fungus amungus. How did they get them? (Besides the regular chocolate chip cookie...)



Best Answer 9 years ago

They got them because fungus amungus is a pro member. As a feature to the pro memebers, they are allowed to give out patches. Fungus amungus chose to give them the patch

But almost everyone has a Donut / cookie o_O

There was a forum topic of that at the Instructables HQ they had got lots of doughnuts in for everyone so they wanted to share them virtually with the users of the site. Om, Nom, Nom.

Are they still giving virtual goodies? :P

Not at the moment, but they do it from time to time. Just keep your eyes open.