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How did the wind powered generators work THAT WERE MADE FOR some African primitives? Answered

Some of you failed to even read the one line question:  "How did the wind powered generators work THAT WERE MADE FOR some African primitives?"

They were made by an international humanitarian group.  Did you notice that the article on this mentioned that the one watt LED light caused the birth rate to drop by one third?

Thanks for the great answers that I got from those who read the question.


Dude! Take a moment to chill out.

I read the question and I'd bet that most of the others did also.

I went back and reread the question but didn't see ANY url or link to any article or video.

How do you expect complete answers if you don't supply any documentation on what you are talking about and working on?

Kindly provide SOME documentation and I can almost guarantee you that someone will be able to tell you exactly how to build the item in question.

20+i am not completely understanding it. i think that wind power was used because it was cheaper than installing cables on several thousands kilometres to reach the village

i think i am going out of subject correct me if i am wronG!!!!!


7 years ago

If by "primitives" you mean hunter-gatherers, consider this: on average, adult members of hunter-gatherer societies work 2-3 hours a day to provide for all of their basic needs (food, water, shelter, heat, etc) leaving the rest of the day for sleeping, exploring, making art, socializing, etc. Who is "primitive" now?

Contact the humanitarian group in question and ask them which design they used. They'll probably be glad to tell you.

I read it and got that from the first read, as you'll note from my minimalistic reply (erm, unless I deleted it...)

As for *how they work...no clue. I think I recall Frollard hitting on what must be the mechanism, although I'm too lazy to research what was actually said, so it could have bee someone else.

I must say I think a statistical correlation between that particular device and a 33% drop in the birth rate seems a bit dubious, but again, being too lazy to research it , I'll just finish this sentence and walk away.

Hey, how about you learn to read the answers you got last time ?

And don't insult the "primitives" who can do what you can't.