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How did this happen? How is mine not better? Answered

This is my idea: https://www.instructables.com/id/Cigar-bo...
This is the other idea: https://www.instructables.com/id/False-Bo...

The second idea was a finalist in a contest on Instructables. I was also in the contest with the first idea. I was wondering exactly how this was a finalist over mine? My idea was the same thing, but improved. It was even entered before his! My idea featured some of the things that people commented as an improvement in his instructable.

The only thing I can think of is maybe the simplicity of design? Mine has more to it than just a secret box though, and it was far more concealed.


I don't know what the criteria of the judging is. I had Instructables first second and third in views in a number of contests. They were featured, had views in the 100 of thousands and likes in the thousands.

Some of the winners were no where near mine in views or likes so just have fun.

That's the opposite of how mine should have been. I didn't have many views, but I know mine was far better than his.

I am #1 in views in the Super Charged Contest the same one you are in.


I can give you a couple hints to up your views.

Your photos are good and there are plenty of them; your project looks very nice.

Use one word tags and more of them like Ipod, Mp3, player, phone, Bluetooth, and dongle; I remember a couple of them from answering your question on wires.

Say more in your intro and steps your descriptions are very short; being a little long winded is good but not too long winded.

Check out mine on salvaging LCDs.

I write in word then I copy and paste into my Instructable this helps me catch little errors I miss in my writing that the editor in Instructables misses.

You did not do this in your Instructable so I will tell it to you for your future Instructables; introduce terms like LCD.

Do it like this, “Liquid Crystal Display, (LCD)”, you don’t have to do it every time you use it but you should use the format the first time at least.

Good luck in the contest.


Thank you, I try to be to the point in describing how to make things. I feel that you don't need to know exactly what a part is or how exactly it works as long as you know how it works in the project, but I can elaborate more in my next instructable.

Have you heard the any key joke?

“Press any key"

"Where is the any key?"

To skip a long explanation programmers use bad English and assume you know what they mean, to make matters worse technical writers are even worse.

In basic training for the Canadian armed Forces there are 2 rules they drill into you to no end.

  1. Never Assume you will make an ASS out of you, U, and me, ME, assume, ASS-U-ME.
  2. The only stupid question is the one you did not ask.

So don’t assume your readers know what you mean and make sure you are clear and concise.

I was in my local computer store and the owner was complaining about all the calls he was getting about the any key with another computer expert.

They were mocking the callers for their stupidly and laughing at them.

So I took my car keys out of my pocket and pressed them and said “Ok that is any key so why did it not work?”

Never Assume.

And there are no stupid questions but the one you did not ask.

Do not get discouraged... it happens sometimes.... Make more instructables and enter in the open contests

Just unlucky i guess, Ive given up asking why some instructables fly and some die, some that Ive put lots of work into die, others Ive done just for a laugh have taken off and won prizes. I think some of it has to do with when you publish. If your unlucky enough to publish your instructable he same time as everyone else it can get buried and end up on page 10 of the recent tab, and as most people only look at the first page.... Sucks I know, but the few people who have seen it really like it as you have 35 favourites from 900 views which is very high rate.

Well you're links got shortened so there are two possibilities to compare it to but the Wooden Crate one is very well done with excellent pictures and the added bonus of the educational angle always helps. The inclusion of plans and a bill of materials is a very professional step.

The drawer one is a little closer but a false drawer is more practical than a cigar box. Everyone has drawers, most people don't have cigar boxes. The pictures are a little cleaner. Honestly the difference between yours and his doesn't have much to do with the actual content. You have 0 followers and he has 400+. This has led to his having 40k views while yours has 1k. Half of the finalists are selected on votes alone so views play a big part of this. When you enter can help a mediocre entry get in but a great instructable can be entered minutes before the deadline and become a finalist.

This was your first Instructable so don't get down on the process. Just keep making and you'll grow an audience and get better at writing and capturing your projects. A few tips.

Make sure you rotate your pictures to their proper orientation. Use a shot of the final product as your opening/thumbnail picture. Personally I'd put all the materials and tools on one of the first few pages. It's nice to know everything you need up front.

There is no point in getting upset its not going to change anything. Maybe they did something better that the judges liked more.

there were 268 entries in the contest and i did a quick count and got over one dozen entries that featured a false bottom in a box or drawer.

Its just like the olympics, just because Canada has a bobsled team first does not mean they are any better than the US.