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How did you find instructables? Answered

Just leave a comment saying how you found out about instructables! Personally I found a video of lego guns on youtube, so I searched around for instructions and didn't find any. Then I realised I had k'nex too, so I searched for k'nex gun instructions and found instructables.


I saw it on an ebook on iPad, and I decided to look it up. After that, I thought it was a good website for instructions and was happy to find most things I wanted to know over here. So recently I decided to make an account!

(That's how I found out about instructables) :)

I forgot what I was looking for,but I did find whatever it was I was looking for on Instructables. I didn't sign up until just recently though.

I was looking for how to make a paper airplane and saw it on instructibles and made a account.

I was looking up some diy stuff and stumbled across it.

Through GreattScott (YouTube)

my best friend showed it to me.

Looking for word games and came across Lumosity site.Somehow, ended up on Instructables! It's a happy accident, and I have told some friends about the site,too!Thanks for all the fun!

Someone at my church introduced me to it.

I stumbled upon this website by complete accident. I am so happy I found it, although I was bound to find it one day!! I was searching for DIY projects and dollar store projects and all kinds of things to create for a reasonable price. Then I just started looking at craft blogs and reading different posts, and somewhere along the way I found instructables!! :D

I found it when I was looking for a green army man costume, then I looked around the site and thought it was awesom

my older bro has been a member 4 a few years and i used to look through the site via his account, later i joined too and eventually so did my younger sister!!

Long time ago, the first time I downloaded Firefox it came with suggested links in the bookmarks section with Instructables listed as one... I've been hooked ever since.

this site helps me a lot... i also put this site in my bookmark... ^^ atleast i have some reasons to check online now....

I was subscribed to MAKE: Magazine, and I went on there website and somehow got to instructables.

I was looking up stuff for school one day and I got addicted to this site =D.
It wasn't until a year or two after I joined that I dared to post anything. But I truly love this site because it's so interesting and fun and I can always get something out of it.

i was stumbled on to here and WOW i love it here its like a things to do book i use to read as a child
ive so much to do here yay outdoor and other cant wait for my wife to find it best thing on the web

I found out about this when I was searching for a Iron Man Repulsor tutorial!


7 years ago

About 4 years ago I was doing a search for information on fixing an issue I was having with an old iPod. Google led me here, I looked around the site, liked what I saw and I signed up.

my cousin showed it to me

I think i may have been one of the first people on instructables. I wanted to learn how to make a tazer glove so i could be like sasuke. When i was googling i came across the tazer glove. when i saw how much there was on this website i feel in love with it. the second thing i saw was the bokken.
BTW this is my first time posting, guess i just needed something important to post about.

You joined in 2009, how could you have been one of the first people on the site???

At one time, you didn't have to be signed up to see the content. It's quite possible they were a frequent visitor for a few years before signing up.

I baaaaaaaaaaaaaarely remember when they made the switch to requiring login to view all steps.

I baaaaaaaaaaaaaarely remember when they made the switch to requiring payment to view all steps

I googled stuff up and google coughed up Instructables. I think it was the 1st result displayed onto my face. As part of my little Instructables IRC promotion project: https://www.instructables.com/community/Instructables-Chat-Room/ IRC at the bottom and instructions under that. Just tell me if you want to take it down.

I meant take down the comment. You look like you attended a take-down mission meeting and you didn't listen to as who the target is. My IRC promotion project *can* be classified as spam, so I'm telling the author (you) that he/she has the authority to tell me to remove the comment. I just add something on-topic so that the comment will at least be useful to the topic-at-hand.

Well actually the instructables IRC was useful to me in the past, and it was fun getting to know some of the people on instructables. Its ok for you to advertise it here.


7 years ago

Cart Bike
by zieak

My daughter wanted me to knit a pokemon toy for her, so I was looking for patterns and ended up here. Alas no knitting pattern, but the site was so awesome, I stuck around.


I remember finding this when I just wanted to make something random. Can't remember it, but likely it was for knex.


7 years ago

Popular Science magazine ran a going green contest in the magazine. This was back in 2007, To enter the contest you had to go to Instructables web site and create an instructable for your entry. I had never heard of them before that. Anyway, I won second place, and got a year subscription to Popular Science. Prizes weren't so good back then. Also there were no pro accounts, no limits, the only requirement was that you be a member.
That instructable has continued to be really popular. In fact if you do a Google search for "free air conditioning" my instructable is the top search entry. Its closing in on 200,000 views now. Wow, if I had a penny for every view ------ Sigh.
I wonder how many people have found Instructables and joined as a result of searching for free air conditioning.
They also didn't have "featured" instructables back then, but when they did start that they went ahead and featured mine and it added thousands more views. And finally they just started a new E book called "how to get free stuff" and mine was picked to be in that and that finally got me a free pro membership. I guess it goes to show that a good instructable never dies, it just keeps getting read.

I think I was looking for an easy way to make a simple motor controller and google linked me.
Currently I have 86 unpublished ibles (it was hovering around 100 until I dumped some into private today).

My teacher gave my class a list of websites and she wanted us to choose some! And there was instructables! I am so thankful for my teacher!

SHe is very awesome! What I like about her is that we do everything in her class on the computer, no paper!

You should tell her about the free PRO for teachers thing!

Wow! I had no idea of that! I might have to tell her! Thanks!


7 years ago

I think I came across this Instructable, way back in '05. Never did pursue the project, although I've been thinking about it again, lately.