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How difficult it would be to modify an air purifier so that it would also work as an air conditioning unit? Answered

I'm one of those people that are always hot and I always have an air purifier running in my room. I've seen different instructables about making home made air conditioning units using fans and such and I would like to know if it would be possible and if so, how effective to modify my air purifier to also serve as an AC unit. It is a round honeywell air purifier, see picture.


I don't think it would be very easy to do. Commercial air conditioners work by passing air over cooling coils and have to exhaust the hot air and manage the water that accumulates through condensation.

The homemade air conditioners (that I believe you're referring to) use a pump to circulate iced water (thats in a storage cooler) through a heater core (radiator type thing) and the air is then blown out using fans mounted on the storage cooler lid.

In order to modify your air purifier, you'd have to get parts from an actual air conditioner, but if you had an air conditioner, you wouldn't need to make the modification.

+2 Cheap enough to buy an AC -

Evaporation cooling can drop the temperature by as much as 10 deg but needs a good air flow AND you get 100% humidity which you may well find uncomfortable.

You have other options:

i assume you have a fridge in the house - It's cool - about 5 deg C - so Run some pipe through it and circulate water - Blow air over this cool water pipe.

Open a few windows, get the air moving going -

A fan works well in activating the bodies natural evaporation cooling system. (sweating)

Wear a damp T shirt in very hot weather. Air moving over it cools very effectively
Be Happy most people suffer from the cold!


6 years ago

Simply drape a gunny sack over the exhaust fan part and
dribble water on it.
The evaporation of water cools the air.


Not terribly practical.