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How do I access Microsoft Dos on Vista home premium? Answered

I see all these instructables on DOS, (disk operating system) but I don't know how to open it. How?



Best Answer 8 years ago

MS DOS (like RelaxedSoup says) is effectively dead. But Microsoft still support old MS DOS commands through the command-prompt. Going back to the 80's might have some uses, but there's not a lot that's really worth while in the batch-file instructables.


Gasp..say it ain't so! What about my twenty five year old copy of Rogue? Or Dr Halo? I so love dr halo. (even though it'll only run on my old 486 dx100...

Ok, open up windows explorer, press alt, go to tools>folder options>view, and click on "Show hidden files and folders" button.

Once that is done, click on the C drive in "My computer", go to "Windows", find the "System32" folder, and Delete it.  Then cancel your internet account.


8 years ago

Try freedos in a Virtual machine. www.freedos.org

What you are referring to is command prompt, just open the start menu, type "cmd" without quotes, hit enter.

Ever since Windows 98, all Windows OS's have used the NT kernel instead of DOS, so you'll either have to make due with Command Prompt, or use DOSBox.

Windows key + R then type CMD and hit enter. Well that's the closest you'll get to ms dos, If not try dosbox as mentioned by BlackCloud.

if you mean the command prompt then go to start, all programs, accesories then command prompt. That is like msdos on the windows 98.

Which instructables are you referring to? i'm not sure but they might have removed dos from the vista OSes. DOSBox is free and is truly a DOS operating system, and you can use it to run DOS applications and games. You can get it from http://www.dosbox.com/