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How do I add an Instructable to my favorites??? Answered

This might be a silly question, but I have been looking for the way to add an Instructable to my favorites list, but I dont know how to do so, or were to find the instructions. I have seen others people's profiles and I see the have them bookmarked. Can somebody help me? Thank you!


ohhh sorry bout that.

well if u have internet explorer there shoud be a favorites btton at the top of the page then clik it and go to something like add to favorites. I use firefox and i love it and it uses bookmarks.

Hey fretmelter, I was talking about adding instructales to my profile here in this site. Thank you for your comment anyways.

If you look to the right of the Instructable's title, you will see a "Rate It" with a plus and minus. Click the "plus" and it's added.

Hey Las Vegas, Thank you for your help. That is exactly what I needed.