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How do I add color in GIMP? Answered

I have a sketch that I scanned onto my computer, and I want to color it in GIMP. the only problem is, when I try to select an area to fill with color (using the foreground select tool) whenever I then click on the icon for the paint brush or bucket fill tool, the selected area becomes de-selected (if that makes any sense). I've only recently switch from photoshop to GIMP, so any input and advice is greatly appreciated.



8 years ago

Here's a link to a complete Gimp 2.2 user's manual in pdf. Quite comprehensive and has been a big help to me. www.vislab.uq.edu.au/users/manuals/gimp/gimp2.2.pdf

that link didnt work for me ^^^ ive been useing gimp also but need help with the same problem :/

I just tried it and it still works for me. It doesn't take you to a web page directly, it just starts the download for the .pdf manual. Make sure your anti-virus isn't blocking it and you have a .pdf reader and it should work.
Click Here

thanks! i did it again and it led me right to it. =D