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How do I ask a girl to be my girlfriend? Answered

There's a girl at school who is my best friend but I haven't ever asked a girl out before.




9 years ago

chances are if you start to hang out with her a lot on your own time one on one... she'll start to get the hint that you like her. so start out by just asking her to go with you to run a simple errand, and let her know that you like her company. If you can't drive/she's far away, give her a call and talk to her while you're doing things. If she seems to be enjoying your company back (you can even ask her if she likes hanging out with you), then that's probably the point where you can tell her how much you like being around her. Let her know she's different from other girls (to get her prepped), and then just say "i'd really like for you to be my girlfriend". She'll either reply with "i'd like that, too"... or something along those lines... or she may not respond, which means she needs to think about it more, or just doesn't want to. In that case, don't pressure her for a response. Just act normal and keep hanging out.

I tried this yesterday. It's awsm!!!

woow i like that

Just ask :3 That's the best way. If she says no, well, there's your answer.

dude ok here is what you do: you come up to her and ask her!!! simple

Think through what you are feeling and analyze the possible outcomes, then tell her you need to speak with her and just blurt it out.


9 years ago

You probably will need to be pretty sure that she likes you back beforehand. That will make it easier. Just ask her on a date, say that you had a good time with her, and then it will be simple. Just express yourself and tell her how you feel. I know it will be awkward, but that is the best way.