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How do I attach a SLR lens (35mm) to a point and shoot? Answered

Warning: not scared of breaking open things.



8 years ago

EASY! there is an instructable for everything!


Copy and paste that in your web browser!

I'd go with slow curing epoxy to maximize strength rather than superglue. Superglue has little shear strength which is what you need for hanging a heavy lens on a camera.

The way I did it with my twin Canon S90 P&S was to buy these cool adapters.

It looks like I could have done the same thing (without the quick disconnect) by buying a couple of cheap 25mm to 37mm adapter rings from a photo store and superglueing them to the front of my lens. Depending on how your lens extends you'll want to find a matching size of adapter so you don't impede the lens movement.

You won't want to hang a 300mm telephoto on this without separate support, of course.

Well, generally you don't.  However, if you want to hack an SLR lens on a point and shoot body, I'd go with a pretty simple camera.  I'm thinking the Dollar store variety.  Complex point and shoots will not take kindly to the removal of the lens.

Your big problem will be getting the flange distance (distance between the last lens element and the film plane) correct.  It will be different from the lens you take out of the cheap camera probably longer.  You can do this by setting the infinity distance.  Set your SLR lens to infinity and mount to the camera. Put frosted cellophane tape across the film plane.  You will see an image on the tape (shutter has to be open [on bulb or simply removed]).  Adjust the lens position until you see a sharp image (use a magnifier).

Once you have that set, the focus may actually work...kind of.  If you are using an old SLR lens, you might be able to use the aperture.  If not, you will have to shoot wide open or rigg a lever to actuate the diaphram.

Anyway, sounds fun, good luck.