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How do I attach wheels to a metal filing cabinet? Answered

I have a 5 drawer metal Hon lateral filing cabinet that I want to put wheels on so I can move it around. How do I do it?


I've seen it done as KMH suggests, but sometimes the steel of the cabinets is too thin to support the load, and the base collapses - locking the lower cabinet ! Put a thick piece of ply between the wheels and the cabinet.

So do I cut the plywood to cover the entire bottom or just 4 small squares to cover the caster bases? What size/ thickness of plywood? What size wheels? You guys are great!

MUST be the full base- its the strength of the corners that lets the original idea. 1/2" (12mm) ply works OK. Wheel size is up to to you, and the load rating of the wheels - larger wheels are likely to carry more weight. Ork's idea is good too.

I'd suggest essentially building a furniture cart and then putting the file cabinet on it. So: Either plywood, or 2x4's outlining the rectangle, or both (for rigidity); mount casters to bottom and put cabinet on top.

Empty the cabinet. Turn it upside down. Go to a hardware store. Buy casters with flat bases (small ones). Buy sheet metal screws. Drill pilot holes in the bottom for the screws. Screw the caster bases to the cabinet. Turn it upright. Put the files back in.