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How do I attack my friend 11 ft. underwater at the public swimming pool? Answered

I remember when I first went to the bottom of the 11 ft. area in the swimming pool. I think it would be cool to have a battle like the toa mahri did. :)


Questions are getting oddly specific, erm play gladiator music and sink then battle away, ability to hold breath and a pair of goggles may help largely...

Use a garden hose to breathe.

How do I get away with that? It's a PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL!

Hide the hose in your pants. The worst that could happen is that the ladies would be all over you xD

if there's something handheld that turns CO2 back into O, than tell me. Also, being 11 ft. underwater, how long do you think a 8-10 year old could be underwater without air? (no, im not 8-10 years old)

Sorry idk how to make a instruceble I'm soo sorry

No, there is no device that turns co2 into o2 if there was that would solve all the problems caused by cutting down trees. the closest thing to that would be a rebreather that would allow for a longer time under water but is not really hand held. best way to do it is to use an old lady's oxygen tank with a long clear hose and mix it with nitrogen.

I'm building a rebreather so here il make a instruceble on a small hand held one rite now sorry there will be no pics thoe the handheld one will only last awhile scince it's small mine is a back pack sized one so il make a instruceble on that to since theres none on it and that's what I'm looking for rite now but mine will work all I need now I hoses

use a weight in your hands and hold your breath. Your swimming pool probably has some weights

Harpoon gun, buy some frickin sharks with frinkin lasers on their fricken heads, good old classic switchblade, throw in a car battery, or try a trident. But first of all dont listen to a thing i just said all of my ideas are bad.

let a gyarados at him