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How do I block an idiot on this site ? Answered

There are people on this site with no instructables who insist on putting down everything they see here! How do I block them ?


You can't. You can flag an individual comment if it contains offensive or derogatory language. You can report a user who is violating the Terms of Service to the Staff. But if you just don't like their opinion, or if you don't like how they misspell words and use bad grammar, that's your problem, not theirs.

You can flag them by clicking in the gray box upper right.

You can report them but emailing "admin@instructables.com". (I think that's correct)

But in the end unless they are breaking a rule they have as much right to post as any of us.

It's service@instructables.com.

Posts can also be flagged as "not nice", or you can try telling them what they're doing wrong, or you can ask a member of the community team to step in.