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How do I build a 12Dc day night switch? Answered

I've got a 220v day night switch and want to convert it to a 12v one, I've got a 12v relay, a bunch of different resistors and capacitors and diodes
I'm looking for a simple diagram or some advice on how to assemble it




6 years ago

A very quick short look on the web. . . . . . . A


Convert I also doubt BUT 12 volt time switches are available if you search - To do this easily at home personally I would use a Picaxe 08, a real time clock - available at their site, a 5 volt relay to switch the load.

Unless you need to be totally accurate you can manage to set the time to the nearest 15 mins with 1 hour led (Flash appropriately for the hours, 4 min leds for the 1/4 hour points. Of course if your up to it you can express 24 hours to the closest minuet using 11 binary bits (LEDs) - 10110100000 being 24 x 60 or 1440

http//:www.picaxe.com for more information.

Read their PDF manuals.

Give us a clue. WHICH day/night switch have you got ? I doubt its convertible, but a few pictures, serial number etc will help.