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How do I build a Laptop? Answered

I want to build a laptop. I have some experience with soldering, discrete electronics, etc., but am a novice to the building of computers. I want a durable, fairly small laptop for under $400, and I would like to be able to customize it as far as features ( i.e. large hard drive space, wireless capability, long battery life, etc.) Any advice on where to start and what to buy is much appreciated. Thanks!



Best Answer 9 years ago

honestly... get a netbook. Most manufacturers allow the customization you need. it is possible to build a laptop, by buying a Build Your Own laptop kit. however the price will just about even out compared to a commercial laptop, won't have a warranty, and probably wont have good battery life

order one form dell.com. you can make the laptop with what you whant and it's cheaper than geting from a walmart (hint no middle man to mark it up).

You can get a great value from OCZ's laptop kits, but their cheapest one is $449 plus shipping and parts. For anything under six or seven hundred dollars, you just can't beat manufacturer's subsidies.