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How do I build a minecraft city? Answered

I want to build a medieval city/large town, but I don't know how to start. I could use superflat, but that would be a little strange because it is just an endless plain. I could also level ground in a default world, but that would take very long. I wonder if I should just make it to flow with the terrain (hills, etc.), but I don't exactly know how to do that. Could you suggest how I should do that and maybe a few other tips on city-building?


Ok so you want to make a city start with a central building

Make the road an estate and hotel

Compony fill it with vilengers

The White House

Then your done

Yo Add Buildings :P

Find a seed for a planes biome and that will be a start, maybe build a tower/castle in the centre and make small wood houses around it. Also add some shops made of stone and maybe add a river. Then when you are done add a wall around your city and a moat if you want :)

Go to youtube. Find a person who goes by the name Bdouble0. Check out his series called building with bdoubl0 and you will get all the tips and tricks you need. Also look up a guy name Karelis. Also very handy in building in Minecraft.

Think of a medieval town, how much would they be able to clear and how much would they have to build around the terrain?