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How do I build a plywood box to raise my HE Washer & Dryer? Answered

I would like to build a simple sturdy box to place under my washer and dryer. Something that can withstand the weight and build out of 3/4 " plywood. Any resources or ideas. I'm thinking of raising it 12". Possible room for storage baskets underneath it.


hey guys and ladies can a dryer run without a pulley


Is there a reason to use 3/4 inch plywood? I built mine from 2x3s, 1x4s and 1/4" plywood. I built 3 frames first (from the 2x3s), the two outer 'walls' and a center support/divider (like littlechef37's picture), then used 1x4s across the top and bottom edges spaced so that the feet of the machines sat on them. I put some 1/4" plywood corner braces in to keep the whole thing square. I have some problems with the washer bouncing around, gluing some boards with over-size holes for feet on the top of the box helps. I also put in two drawers, figuring that anything shoved under there would get lost otherwise : )

. I like Chef's idea and plan, except I would leave gaps in the perimeter for air circulation. IMNSHO, screws are definitely the way to go, but in this application I think 12-16d galvanized nails would work OK.

Ok I would just use regular 2x4s and your 3/4" plywood and when you are building the frames build a rectangle an run the supports length wise.About 10" apart. definitaly put a support in the middle. Tip : Use sqaure headed screws....The guy who designed the flathead was you guessed it.... FLATHEADED anyways thats what I would do!