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How do I build a really nice camera obscura, better than flimsy, tin-can versions. Can anyone help? Answered

Need help building a Nice Camera Obscura


Depends on what you want to do with it. I drilled a 1 mm hole in the middle of the garage door (no one noticed) and it projects a wonderful picture of the street outside onto the back wall when the door is closed.

many years ago I visited a purpose built CO on the downs above Clifton Suspension bridge nr Bristol (UK) and it projected the outside scene onto a curve table top - this was good because you could easily view the picture the right way up - The mirrors and lens could be rotated so you could vies 360 deg - often though it would be a great addition to my house


Good cutaway of a tabletop unit can be found at
Websearch finds others.

Making it bigger permits bigger images.

It's up to you to work out appropriate light hoods and decide what your acceptable tradeoff is between image sharpness and brightness.

You could, of course, fit it with real lenses rather than just a pinhole lens.

Make it like the originals. Make it out of wood. You can use plywood and make a nice one or you could opt for thin planks. Alittle more work but can be very nice looking.